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Effective if you

  • ​have convergence insufficiency or lazy eye
  • skip or add words when reading

  • lose place when reading

  • have poor hand-eye coordination

  • are on the autism spectrum

  • suffer post-concussion headaches


Convergence insufficiency is a condition that results when a person cannot properly align both of their eyes on a near visual target.  This condition can reduce reading fluency, hand-eye coordination and sports performance.  It can affect people of all ages and usually does not correct on its own.  Some patients complain of double vision (diplopia) when looking at certain objects.  

Treatment for convergence insufficiency involves a series of eye exercises called vision therapy.  These techniques train the eyes to align themselves more accuractely, which helps reduce the symptoms.  A vision therapy program can last a few weeks or up to a year, depending on the severity of the condition.  If vision therapy is not possible sometimes an eyeglass prescription with prisms can be used to manage, but not cure, this condition.

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