"I never knew that there were exercises to help concussions.  Since being a patient at Red Apple Learning Center, I now have less headaches.  My blurry vision and sensitivity to light have reduced.  My condition has improved by completing the daily exercises."

-Leslie, age 38

"At the beginning, I was skeptical of vision therapy.  It did not take me long to realize the good it could do for me since my accident.  I became very determined to bring my vision back to where it was in the past.  With the help of Dr. Falbo and the Red Apple Learning Center and working really hard, I now feel comfortable with my vision once again."

-Dan, age 27

"After my concussion, I couldn't read correctly.  After Red Apple, I am now able to read and read correctly.  I am able to convert things fully and have normal vision.  Red Apple is great.  Their staff is wonderful and very kind.  They have helped me so much.  I would recommend Red Apple to anyone."

-Jared, age 16

 "Red Apple helped me focus in school better.  It helped me see the board in class."

-Mattie, age 10

Success Stories


"The Red Apple has helped me gain more confidence in school.  My eyes are stronger and working together better than ever.  I love to be able to read without having to worry about blurriness or headaches."

-Sarah, age 11

Dr. Joseph Falbo